I’ve been making a game this weekend. And you can find the thread for it here.

Big changes

While the framework of Intrepid has been laid down, we haven’t really had a direction or story. Well now we’re working on one. Won’t be an alpha update for a while.

Not alpha update 0.14

Not releasing an update today, didn’t do much so it doesn’t seem worth it.

Here’s the internal changelog as of now.

Fixed bugs with the flashlight not sticking to the player when you scrolled the screen.
Started work on a small set of levels for playtesting
Added a splash screen to startup.

No update tomorrow either, taking the day off for my birthday.

Alpha update 0.13

I released an update to the alpha, changelog below.

Added screen scrolling with the right mouse button.

If you already have the alpha, run the launcher and click update.

If you don’t, grab it here.

You will need a username and password to play the alpha. If you don’t have one, contact me.

Alpha update 0.12

Released an update to Intrepid, changelog below.

Added quickdodge keys.
Added controls help screen.
Reenabled Menus.

If you already have it downloaded, use the launcher and hit the Update button.

If you don’t, grab it here.

If you’re not in the alpha, but would like to be, send me a message and we’ll discuss it.

Alpha update 0.11

I released the alpha to a few people privately, posting it here now.

You won’t be able to actually play it unless you have a username/password. If you would like one, contact me.

Updated to 0.11 Changelog below

Changed accuracy modifier for jumping.
Made the crosshair change size dependent on accuracy, may require tweaking.
Removed 640x400 from the launcher.
Added 1280x1024 to the launcher.
Fixed authentication bug that would allow you to log in with the username “version” and the password being whatever the version was.

The alpha can be found here.

Abscences and new projects

I’ve been abscent from this blog for a good while, simply because I forgot about it. Going to try and update it regularly again.

I’ve started up a new project that I hope to get published somewhere, a Metroidvania style platformer. Added crouching today and it works pretty well, lowers your top speed and makes you more accurate, moving also now makes you less accurate.

We should be able to push this out for alpha testing and stuff relatively soon, I’ve already setup a system for it that should work well.

If you’d like to be in the alpha, and I know you, send me a message about it over steam, tumblr or facebook.

Added random rotation of tiles.

added a button that toggles the random rotation of placed tiles, to get a more natural spread of rotations.

Added gamepads

Added gamepad support. Might have to rework it later so that it’s easier to edit.

Added rotation.

Added rotation support for tiles.

Tiles can now be rotated in 90 degree increments in the editor and loaded into the game.